#77: Embracing Resiliency and Eliminating Supply Chain Risks

#77: Embracing Resiliency and Eliminating Supply Chain Risks Featured Image

In this episode, I interviewed Jennifer Bisceglie, Founder and CEO of Interos. We started the discussion with some of the highlights of Jennifer’s career—starting a company 19 years ago. Jennifer emphasizes the importance of transparency in the supply chain, mentioning how technology helps.

We talked about the future of Interos and their vision. We also discussed what makes them unique and how they are helping their customers in terms of cost-saving and disruptions like climate change and geopolitical risks. She also shared a few case studies on how they are helping address some supply chain challenges involving demand forecasting and inventory management. Listen in until the end of the episode for advice on how companies and leaders can manage risks.

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Connect with the Guest:

Jennifer Bisceglie is the founder and CEO of Interos, the fast-growing global supply chain risk management and operational resilience company.

Under Jennifer’s leadership, Interos, a ‘unicorn’ startup with a $1B+ valuation, has emerged as a major player in the emerging operational resilience space, empowering clients such as the U.S. Department of Defense, NASA, and a host of Fortune 500 companies with the tools and counsel needed to detect and respond to crises before they happen. Jennifer and Interos have disrupted the traditional supply chain risk management discipline, bringing 24/7 real-time visibility into every supplier at every tier and at every location around the world.

As a woman business owner, Jennifer has long advocated for empowering other female entrepreneurs. She has worked on behalf of organizations, including Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP), where she served as chairperson from 2010 through 2016. Jennifer was also previously selected as the U.S. delegate to the Women’s 20, an engagement group to the G20 focused on addressing gender inequality.


Questions I Asked:

  • What makes Interos different from other players in the space?
  • How does Interos help supply chains in terms of cost saving?
  • How does Interos’ system help in addressing disruptions like climate change and geopolitical instability?
  • How do you address the challenges of demand forecasting and allocating inventory?
  • How do you manage the resistance from the organization during the implementation of your solution?
  • What advice would you give supply chain leaders in terms of risk management?

Show notes:

  • [00:39] Can you share with us some of the highlights of your journey?
  • [03:09] Where do you see the organization going in the next few years? What’s your vision? And how is Interos different?
  • [07:13] How does Interos help in terms of cost saving, especially in supply chain? Maybe you can give us some examples? 
  • [11:13] How do climate change and geopolitical instability contribute to supply chain disruptions? And how does Interos’ system help?
  • [16:54] One of the challenges in supply chain is demand forecasting and allocating inventory. How does Interos solve these types of situations?
  • [21:59] What are the patterns that you’ve seen in terms of resistance from the organization when implementing your solution? And how do you usually solve that?
  • [26:50] How do you answer questions regarding ROI? 
  • [29:12] As part of risk management, how can I make sure that I end up with the real truth and not half of the truth?
  • [34:09] What would you advice supply chain leaders in terms of risk management? What would you encourage them to do?

Quote from the Episode:

About the Host:

Personally, I learned a few new things about risk management and resiliency from Jennifer Bisceglie. I am your host, Andrei Palamariu, Founder of Supplify and Senior Director of APAC at Alcott Global. At Supplify, we are working on building a platform to connect the supply chain tech ecosystem. We match corporations with top tech companies to solve their supply chain and logistics challenges. If there is anything tech in the supply chain, reach out to me.

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