The role of the chief executive officer is critical for the success of the organization. The new CEO can be appointed from inside the organization or from the outside but the profile of the new chief executive officer has to be aligned with the specific impact the board envisions. The next CEO needs to have the skills and the personality to accomplish that. The health of the organization and the way it is perceived by investors and other key stakeholders depends on the CEO. Here is where experience, track record and leadership qualities come into play. We work with board and committee chairmen on governance best practices and provide counsel on board and CEO succession planning. We advise organizations on director orientation and board performance.



Finding the right C-level Executive for supply chain is complex considering all the requirements that needs to be met. Supply Chain is more of a network ,unlike other industries, supply chain is like the mother of all industries wherein services include moving products from suppliers to the customers. Supply Chain and Logistics is the life-blood of Alcott Global, it is important for us to bring the right talent whose background in the industry is accurate for the organization. We make sure that we bring talents with extraordinaire capability to keep pace with all industries that is related to supply chain.



Supply chain changed the way manufacturers get raw materials from producers. It ensures that the products arrive at the manufacturer faster or at least on time. Supply chain focuses on their relationship between suppliers and customers. Implementing it into manufacturing seems natural. Manufacturing is an important phase in production, as it is the first step in delivery. This kind of role is as intricate as that of supply chain. Everything in the industry must be perfect or at least near to perfect. By having the right talent and senior roles, the delay can condense. Alcott Global has expertise in this field, we ensure that finding a suitable supply chain professional for a company meets all expectations.


Our main expertise is matching senior executives with the most competitive organizations. People make or break a business. We understand the challenge you face as a hiring manager. Finding the best fit is not easy. That’s why we have a great network of leaders and experts to tap into. It’s all about the strength of the network. Time is of the essence. Once we understand what you need, we deliver. Period.



Procurement in all sense is the process of acquiring products in the best quality and price possible. Often in supply chain, this process requires a lot more than just knowledge. More than that, the skill of negotiation is needed when landing the role. It is one of the main keys that drive the success of supply chain and logistics. We value the importance of procurement in the industry and we guarantee that when it comes to executive search, we find the right professional fit for the role.



High level organisations need high level leaders who operate across the full spectrum of the chain. We place leaders who know how to digitize Supply Chain and Operations Systems and handle end-to-end global operations. Decisions makers in Operations and Supply Chain know how to build strategic relationships. They understand the power and risk associated with interconnectivity across global supply chains. Senior Executives working in Operations need to focus on strategy development, product and service innovation in the context of business development. Successful COOs and CSCOs know the importance of working and interpreting great amounts of "real" data.


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Get the most appealing jobs in technology, supply chain & logistics space.

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