Executive Search in Supply Chain is our lifeblood. Some of our most important placements were closely connected with the Transportation and Logistics, Healthcare and Industrial sectors. Our priority is to find the right senior professionals for your organization. We build trust and think long term. Our clients are our partners. We focus on matching the right talent with great teams in the best organisations. We deliver fast and on point.



The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) is a diverse sector and a vital part of the global economy. It generates significant revenue and creates employment opportunities by selling products that are affordable and in high demand. Being adabtable and driving innovation are key skills needed in order to give businesses a competitive advantage. Executives working in this sector understands that, as well as the key components, trends, and changes in the industry.



Managing the supply chain for chemicals is a complex process that involves many steps. Chemicals must be manufactured, transported, stored, and distributed in a safe and efficient manner. This requires careful coordination and planning and finding the right talent for the role is as crucial.




The role of a contract manufacturer can be considered as one of the most crucial in the industry. Finding the right one requires a keen observation as well as the right and sufficient knowledge of the industry. A contract manufacturer is not only responsible for delivering finish products. But also all bears responsability for the standards set by their customers. They are expected to have the expertise and efficiency to produce and deliver while taking into account all the standards that are expected of them. We at Alcott Global recognize the importance of contract manufacturing in the industry. That is why we make sure to provide our clients with the right candidates for the role at hand. Considering all the expectations and external considerations clients give us.



When looking for candidates that have a significant gift in terms of supply chain management, Alcott Global is the right choice. We make sure that all the talent we provide to our clients are the best in the field. That they also have a passion for the industry and understand they are in the business of saving patients' lives. Alcott Global understand supply chain management more than anything else. That is what we use when we go looking for the right talent. We stay true to our value and execute fast.



The industry focuses on research and development, production and marketing. One important priority is to have a supply chain team with a deep understanding of the industry. Research and Development is the core of the industry. Their main principle is to be fast, reliable and manage complexity as efficient as possible. The pharma industry needs executives who can represent these principles. At Alcott Global, we recognizes this and we built the same principles within our organization. We only work with talent with a strong skillset and an even strong set of values. We match great organisations with great talent.




Digital transformation has change how every industry works. Technology has helped industries serve their customers better. Business models have been modified to open new opportunities. This transformation has also given them the chance to innovate their products and services and also offer a new one. With all the changes around, executive search has helped organizations find the right people for this new environment. With our expertise in both fields, we ensure to bring talents that have fully adapted to the change. Talents that are innovative, versatile and right for the organization.



Alcott Global offers support to organizations in when it comes to finding the the right talent for the industrial equipment and machinery sector. Our expertise in executive search and our knowledge in supply chain helped us identify the senior executives that would create a clear impact on the organization growth. From material handling to supply chain management, we make sure that our candidates have the what it takes to move things forward.




The competition within the automotive industry has been on the rise for a long time now. Transformation and innovation need to be the focus of all management boards working in this sector. Latest technology implementation is one of the most important focus in the automotive industry. If you want to stand out, you need your managers to stand out. Alcott Global is aware of the importance of finding and attracting the best in the business. We find the senior leaders who help an organization differentiate itself from the pack. They need to bring to the table from insights in innovation to a unique way of collaborating with the customers - we are the ones making sure that they have what it takes.


Mobility is a sector that transports people and goods more efficiently and cost-effectively. It is constantly changing and evolving in response to new technologies, consumer demands, and regulations. Some aspects of the sector, like autonomous vehicles are still in their early stages of development and having the right executive to lead that is as important. Executives in this sector understands all the changes happening in the space and are willing to learn.



Retail includes all the activities involved in moving products from the point of production to the point of sale. It is an important process within the supply chain space and improvements are one of the challenges that needs to be continuously addressed. Senior Executives in this space understands this and the importance of digitalization, collaboration, and sustainability.


The apparel industry is one of the fast-growing industries and successful businesses in the space requires a strategic, adaptive, and innovative leader. We provide executive search and headhunting services to help businesses find the right talent to help them move forward, keeping in mind the current technological innovations and the changing consumer behavior.


The fashion industry has revolutionized styles of clothing and accessories. However, there is more to it than meets the eye. Behind the scenes, there is a meticulous process that is followed from the production of raw materials to bringing the products to the customers. This process is constantly evolving, as the fashion industry is one of the most quickly changing industries. We help businesses in this growing landscape find the right executive to lead their company, leading to growth and success.




With technological advancements just around the corner, many industries have now transformed to follow the technology trends. Technology has been a great help in every aspect of society. In supply chain, software has been developed to make the process easier. Because of this, the flow of supply chain, from execution to managing the relationship has become simpler. Through technology, new roles have come to the surface, and the need for talents knowledgeable in the field has become in high demand. Alcott Global has adopted a new way of doing business. It is crucial for us to be one with the new era and follow the current process of executive search - adapting to the brand new technologies suitable for the industry.



With online shopping changing consumer behavior worldwide, senior roles in ecommerce are becoming even more crucial in this age of immediate product delivery. When customer loyalty is determined by product availability, warehousing and procurement strategies play a very prominent role in deciding whether an ecommerce company would be the customer’s first choice or last. We are aware of the challenge and we provide executive search and headhunting services to hire the best supply chain and logistics professional to have to manage the situation.




From intercontinental freight forwarding to doorstep delivery, logistics corporations have always been the pack leaders when it comes to supply chain and logistics management for B2B and B2C alike. Highly qualified supply chain and logistics professionals both for C-level and middle management positions are always highly sought after and talent acquisition and retention can be an issue for logistics corporation who have not yet created a strong employer brand to differentiate themselves. Alcott Global offers you services from executive search for senior roles in supply chain and logistics to consulting work around your employer brand and implementing proven talent retention strategies.



The landscape for product delivery from origin point to delivery has changed a lot in recent years, especially in Asia. Tech-based startups are now joining the logistics industry equipped with user-friendly customer interface and less than 24 hours delivery mechanisms. With such a competitive playing field, a senior leader in logistics positions with the ability to constantly innovate is now a basic requirement for logistics start-ups. However, finding the right person for the job might not be the easiest. We at Alcott Global has experience with senior placements in logistics and supply chain management positions, and are prepared to provide you with the right talent for senior roles, including C-level positions.



High quality services are the norm in the postal industry. Customer expectations are increasing. Meeting the customer's demands are of high priority. The industry understands the importance of diversity and now that logistics transformation has become part of it, many organizations have started to change their business model. With the growing competition from within and outside the industry, we help by making sure we find the right talent for the right senior role. We at Alcott Global follow a strict rule when delivering our service. From executive search to talent retention we make sure that our clients are satisfied.



Last Mile logistics has transformed the way products were distributed through the years. Though it is the last step of the process, it is considered as the key to driving growth and profitability. There are different challenges that come with it. How this challenges are tackled and addressed is key. Alcott Global understands the importance of Last Mile and every component that comes with it. We make sure that we have a full picture of the industry. It is our responsibility to discover talent who shares the same values in order to help organizations become reliable and innovative in the industry. Profitability is a challenge but the right executives in the right role will make the difference.



Courier services are considered as one of the backbones of supply chain and logistics. It is crucial to understand the nature of the industry as it is a vital part of supply chain.  It has created a much simpler and faster process than usual. In the other hand, express delivery industry has a great impact in the global economy. It has been very helpful in terms of transporting products.  With that, senior-level executives need to have the best qualification in order to go along with this fast-moving industry. We try to be concurrent with the pace and bring services with utmost quality. Alcott Global specializes in executive search for senior positions, talent retention, and employer branding. We make sure that every talent we present to our clients is right for the organization.


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