Managing Director Europe & USA
Alcott Global

Fei excels at connecting people and matching talents with organizations, bringing her 15+ years of experience in global executive search for Supply Chain & Operations. She is also a former Global Head of Talent Acquisition for a top-tier management consulting firm.

She serves clients across industries, from Consumer Goods, Life Sciences, Retail, Industrial, to Professional Services and beyond. Fei’s expertise includes COO, CSCO, Supply Chain, Procurement, and more. She has a track record of helping startups grow. She is the founder of the “Chinese Executives in Europe” talent pool.

A passionate event moderator, solo singer, and well-being enthusiast, Fei speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and German.


Alcott Global’s Fei Yu on which IT employment trends are prevalent in supply chain

The turbocharged digitalisation of the logistics and supply chain sector seen post-pandemic has been such that some companies in the field now even refer to themselves as tech firms. In light of this trend, Trans.INFO has sought to determine to what extent the employment and recruitment trends prevalent in the tech sector are also visible in supply chain.

Shaking up the Supply Chain World: Fei Yu Managing Director of Europe for Alcott Global

Alcott Global is celebrating one year since opening its European headquarter in Zurich, Switzerland. While in classic ways of operating, companies assign a day for celebrating anniversaries, Alcott Global has been celebrating the expansion to Europe, the impact on their customers, and employees’ personal achievements in this journey, for a few months.

Shub worked with my NUS Annual Giving team championing a number of our initiatives over a period of years. Her intelligence, insight and passion enabled her to make a significant contribution to the success of our campaign. I'm also glad to count her among my friends. Get to know Shub and keep her in your network - she's destined for great things!

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