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Amidst the pandemic, we came to recognize the significance of supply chains and supply chain professionals. As we navigated through various disruptions such as lockdowns, port congestions, and fluctuating demand patterns, it became evident that the efficiency, adaptability, and strategic decision-making of these professionals were indispensable in maintaining supply chains. While it is in the post-pandemic era that we truly comprehend the immense value of exceptional supply chain executives. The term “exceptional” emphasizes the necessity for individuals who possess not only the fundamental knowledge and skills of supply chain management but also the ability to tackle unprecedented challenges and rapidly changing landscapes. 

However, there is an impending problem, hiring for these leadership roles in supply chains could be a toll given the ever-dynamic nature of the industry, coupled with the increasing complexity of global supply chains driven by technology, sustainability, and changing market dynamics.

True enough, in a recent study conducted by Alcott Global, which involved the participation of over 300 senior executives in the supply chain industry around the world, it was revealed that a significant 50% of the respondents acknowledged the existence of a talent shortage within the field. This finding emphasizes the pressing need for skilled professionals and leaders in the supply chain sector.

Moreover, the study also shed light on another critical aspect of hiring in the supply chain industry. Out of the surveyed executives, a substantial 64% highlighted that their primary challenge in the recruitment process for supply chain leadership roles lies in finding candidates who possess the appropriate skillset.

This aspect further underscores the difficulties faced by organizations in identifying and securing individuals with the necessary qualifications and expertise to effectively lead and manage complex supply chain operations.

While companies continue to explore strategies to address these challenges within the supply chain industry, what implications does it hold for individuals like you who aspire and vie for leadership positions in supply chain management?


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