#130: Supply Chain as promoter of E2E Business Transformation

Benoit Dauchin has 20+ years of experience in leading operations globally, within consumer products and retail. Benoit is an Omnichannel pioneer, brand development passionate, and profitable growth committed.

He has forged a track record in orchestrating fast pace & high impact business transformations. Servicing companies and PE funds, both in growth enabling and turnaround contexts.

Benoit is based in Switzerland and operates globally.

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Connect with the Guest:

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Some of the highlights from the podcast:

  • What it takes to be a unique leader
  • How to motivate teams and keeping the organization in times of disruption
  • Major learnings and challenges through COVID
  • Secret sauce of transformation
  • Benoit’s professional idol or inspiration

Show notes:

  • [2:29] What makes you a unique leader?
  • [4:36] How do you talk to business so that they will consider you as a value creator?
  • [8:53] The ability to move from words to actions and to deliver results to demonstrate the value of contribution is the best talk, the best speech, the best way to convince and ultimately to get people t o understand what the contribution can be.
  • [9:27] How did someone in the supply chain and operation run innovation?
  • [10:27] Gradually, I got involved in all sorts of things, probably beyond my historical sort of background as well as maybe beyond what you could expect.
  • [14:30] How does this LVMH Group manage the supply chain in such a good way?
  • [17:33] How do you motivate the team and keep the organization going in a climate of disruption?
  • [17:52] I think it’s not so much of an issue. I think if you’ve got the right people, they’re excited because these are days where you can make a difference where you can create competitive advantage.
  • [22:16] What is the secret sauce of a successful transformation?
  • [22:25] I don’t think there’s really a secret sauce in the sense, at least there is no recipe. And that’s very important for me. Transformation is not about applying recipes, you can be very good in one company throughout a transformation, and you move to another one and if you apply the same sets of chords, the same approach, you will fail miserably.
  • [26:37] What are the major learnings in your organization during COVID?
  • [27:39] I think having a resilient organization is most important and that’s the mindset. And therefore, you don’t want to wait for such thing as the COVID, to create it, to create the bonds between the functions between the people, the bonds to the value of the company of the brands that is most instrumental that because if you have that, you can go through prizes more easily than other companies. 
  • [30:09] Who is your professional idol and tell us why?
  • [30:16] At all levels, you’ll find people who basically master what they do and though they keep learning about it, they keep being open to new ways of doing it. Those are the people that inspire me. And again, it can be a line manager on the shop floor, it can be a creative director, whatever. But that’s what inspires me and those are not necessarily well known people.

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Get the most appealing jobs in technology, supply chain & logistics space.