#14: Growth and Building a Career Within a Scale-up

#14: Growth and Building a Career Within a Scale-up Featured Image

Sarita Das is the co-founder and CHRO of 3SC Analytics, an eight-year-old supply chain tech company led by professionals all across the globe. Earlier in her career, she has been a human resource professional in various MNCs including Visteon, Bayer, Nunhems, Zimmer Biomet, and Electa. Here at 3SC, Sarita has been working closely with the IT executives to help work on their in-house tools.

Creating and building 3SC has been one of the greatest achievements of her life. And here she is today with 250 plus team members, with footprints in India, Southeast Asia, and Europe, and growing. She desires to make 3SC one of the most admired solution providers in the world.

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Some of the highlights from the podcast:

  • How Sarita started her journey in supply chain and involvement in 3SC 
  • Supporting and enabling growth inside 3SC
  • Biggest challenges for attracting and retaining talent
  • Creating a culture for 3SC – focusing on communication and change management 
  • How 3SC are managing inter-department transfers inside the organization
  • The importance of change and patience in joining a scale-up

Show notes:

  • [01:21] Let’s start by understanding how you began with 3SC and everything you’ve been handling for the last decade during its growth.
  • [04:38] You’ve been wearing a lot of hats with 3SC, not just HR, tell us more about how you’ve contributed and what kind of roles you’ve played in the last decade.
  • [05:06] For me, the clear choice was that I will take up everything that is needed to support and enable growth. 
  • [06:45] As a scale-up that is going global, what are your biggest challenges for attracting and retaining talent?
  • [09:58] When candidates asked me what is it that we can offer them, I say that I can’t comment on what other offers they may get but I can only promise them that they will never regret joining us from the learning perspective.
  • [11:40] Coming back to sustainability and how you contribute to society as a whole and showing the bigger picture is very important. 
  • [12:26] How are you creating a culture for 3SC? How are you ensuring that it rolls out throughout the organization, across geographies, with certain nuances to make way for different cultural standards? What have you been doing?
  • [12:49] The definition of culture is anything and everything that you practice day in and day out without even thinking. You start breathing something subconsciously or unconsciously and it is there, and that is, in a very simple language, what culture means to me. 
  • [14:05] If you ask me, what are the specific efforts that we are putting in, I would say a lot more communication, personal meetings, and alignment within the C-level team and then cascading the same things down the line.
  • [16:08] I love the act like owner thing. I think it would be very interesting to hear from you some examples where it has worked out very well from your experience and maybe some examples where people actually didn’t do a good job and how you supported them afterward.
  • [20:11] We have a lot of inter-department transfers happening from supply chain execution team to analytics, from analytics to customer side, or from analytics to operations. So people can experience the entire lifecycle, from design to delivery of the entire supply chain and that gives them good exposure, good learning, and opportunity.
  • [21:00] You are going through so much in the organization and have been for the last 10 years, what would be some of the most important skills that scale-ups like yourself look for while hiring senior-level talents?
  • [22:30] I think for leaders or C-level executives, something that we absolutely need to succeed is the people management skills.
  • [22:54] What would be your biggest advice to anybody who’s looking at joining a startup or a scale-up within the supply chain space?
  • [24:04] Patience and change are two very important aspects for any individual to succeed in a startup or scale-up.

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