Overcoming Inflation and Recession Challenges in Supply Chain | Live Event

Sustainability has become increasingly important for everyone, including governments and organizations. This was highlighted during a live panel discussion on “Overcoming Inflation and Recession Challenges in Supply Chain” with Claudio Strobl, VP of Operations at Husqvarna Group, Tim Drury, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Americana Foods, and Anne-Sophie Zerlang Karlsen, Head of Operations at Maersk APAC. They shared their experiences and insights on how sustainability initiatives are good for the environment and business.

One of the panelists, Claudio Strobl, believes that sustainability is no longer a choice but a necessity. He suggested that businesses should invest in sustainable practices to adapt to changing consumer demands and mitigate inflation costs. Collaborating more closely with stakeholders, understanding customer preferences, and prioritizing sustainability are key steps in this process. He also recommended initiatives such as using solar panels and recyclable packaging.

“Whether you are pro or against sustainability, it doesn’t really matter here because the people have decided, the customers have decided.

Another panelist, Tim Drury, emphasized the importance of reducing packaging to support sustainability and save costs. He also suggested localizing supply and exploring export opportunities to mitigate inflation costs. Having multifunctional teams can also generate savings ideas.

“If you can localize your supply, then quite obviously, you get a much bigger improvement.”

Anne-Sophie Zerlang Karlsen emphasized the importance of working closely with customers to improve supply chain agility. She stressed the need for flexibility and reliability in the supply chain, especially during a recession. Removing waste and reducing costs is critical during these times, but flexibility is equally important.

“I think for us in Maersk, it’s so important to work very closely together with our customers to share what we see in the market and to understand what our customers are expecting.”

Overall, sustainability is essential for businesses to succeed in the current economic climate. By investing in sustainable practices, collaborating with stakeholders, and understanding customer preferences, businesses can improve their profitability while helping the environment.

Listen to the full conversation here: Overcoming Inflation and Recession Challenges in Supply Chain




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