LIVE EVENT: Supply Chains, AI, and The Future of Work

LIVE EVENT: Supply Chains, AI, and The Future of Work Featured Image

Supply chain, AI, and the future of work are some of the relevant discussions that are on the minds of professionals across various industries right now. As technology advances, the supply chain adapts and embraces the potential advancements AI technology has to offer. Although some people are optimistic about the advancements and convenience AI brings to businesses, education, and everyday living, it also raises worries about the negative impacts AI would bring.

Professor Yossi Sheffi, Director, of MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, shared his expert insights on trending topics of Supply Chain, AI, and the Future of Work. He answered pressing questions about AI’s potential impact on jobs and where AI in the future would take us. With great confidence, he is optimistic that AI would create more jobs than eliminate them, as he cites perfect examples of the situation. Also, he shares his expert insights on how education should embrace AI as an ally in learning and not a threat to education.

“You should never be angry that something in an Amazon warehouse, on the shelf of the supermarket, or on the shelf of a store that is not there. You should actually be totally surprised, and wow, that is still there. Because if you understand what it takes to bring a product from the mind to hundreds of people in 1000s of people involved into your shelf, you will be amazed.”

“ So first of all, I don’t think it will be bad. I just don’t.  I’m very optimistic. But there are a lot of reasons why. For example, So GPT is something that people in universities are worried about, you know, oh, my God, my students are writing articles with GPT; what will happen? How are we able to tell? I said, What do you care? Do you care when your students use spreadsheets to solve a problem?  So what you have to do now is teach them how to use it well, how to do the queries, and most importantly, how to monitor the results.”

“AI is taking off everything is a question of acceptability; what did you accept and what you didn’t? What society accepts and more embodies. But so some jobs are lost, but many more jobs are being created.”

“Every technology will make it at the end; we’ll get those better because it repeats a job with no errors, or very, very few errors, as long as you can monitor it and make sure that it doesn’t jump in when people concentrate on the more creative part of the job. Things require thinking, the things that change. But I, by and large, don’t see significant job losses because of the scale; you will be better. And it’s the same amount of work. You need less people. But the truth is you do more work. There’ll be more stuff going on.”

Since the future is unpredictable and as technology evolves, adapting what AI has to offer is crucial in facing the future. While some jobs may be lost, more jobs will be created, allowing individuals to be more creative and innovative. The future of work in relation to AI is promising, with the possibilities of elevation in efficiency, effectiveness, and new opportunities.

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