LIVE EVENT: Building Customer-Centric Supply Chain

Tariq Farooq, a former Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO) at Sanofi, Sandra MacQuillan, a former CSCO at Mondeléz, and Michael Corbo, a former CSCO at Colgate-Palmolive joined us in a live panel discussion on the topic, ”Building Customer-Centric Supply Chain,” where they explored various aspects of customer-centricity in the supply chain.

Building a customer-centric supply chain is crucial for delivering exceptional service while managing costs effectively. To achieve this, it’s important to utilize customer feedback data and key performance indicators such as quality, cost reduction, and sustainability integration. By incorporating these insights, the supply chain can create an experience that meets and surpasses customer expectations.

Sandra Macquillan shared with the panel the importance of focusing on both the consumer and the customer. She believed in measuring and delivering service from the customer’s perspective and considering consumers as the primary purpose of their work. She also suggested using tools like the advantage survey to assess service quality comprehensively. Her approach involves starting with the consumer and utilizing data and insights from the field to improve the overall process.

“You have to do an awful lot of work on mindset change because people don’t see the money in it. Establishing logistics, planning, demand planning, supply planning, and customer service metrics and putting them right at the very front of the organization.” – Sandra MacQuillan

Meanwhile, Michael Corbo talked about the importance of consistent customer feedback. He mentioned the need to avoid assumptions about customer preferences, especially since they can change over time. He also discussed the significance of on-shelf availability for driving customer engagement and emphasized the need for a feedback loop focused on understanding customer satisfaction and needs. He recommends that organizations set up their supply chain to meet those requirements.

“Set up some type of very consistent feedback from the customers. How am I doing? What’s important to you? And make sure you set up the supply chain to meet those needs.” – Michael Corbo

Tariq Farooq also added how important a customer-centric supply chain is when catering to evolving customer needs. He stressed the need to deliver customized solutions rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. He shared key metrics like service quality, cash management, cost control, and sustainability. To drive change, he emphasized the significance of a mindset shift and integrating logistics, demand planning, supply planning, and customer service metrics throughout the organization.

“One size fits all should not be what you drive for. Customer needs and expectations evolve. And therefore, if you’re a truly customer-centric supply chain, then your capabilities need to evolve and keep pace with that as well.” – Tariq Farooq

In conclusion, the panel discussion discussed the importance of a customer-centric supply chain. The speakers shared the need to deliver exceptional service while managing costs effectively. Incorporating customer feedback, key metrics, and customization were key themes discussed. By understanding and meeting customer needs, organizations can create a supply chain that exceeds expectations and adapts to evolving preferences.

Watch the full discussion to find out more. Building Customer-Centric Supply Chain




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