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Alcott Global has recently announced the launch of the beta version of the Supplify Platform as part of our connecting the supply chain ecosystem. The platform showcases over 900 supply chain tech companies, from start-ups to established corporations. It aims to connect them with clients, investors, and experts focused on finding solutions to the most critical supply chain issues globally. With the launch of Supplify, Alcott Global is taking a significant step forward in its mission to build a comprehensive ecosystem for the supply chain industry.

Supplify is a platform that focuses its business on supply chain and logistics tech companies. For a business to be considered for a feature on the platform, it is necessary to fulfill both of the following eligibility requirements: The company must be a tech company focusing on supply chain and logistics and have more than 1 million USD in funding. Supplify is constantly expanding its offerings, and companies that meet these criteria will be well-positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that Supplify provides.

Andrei Palamariu of Alcott Global primarily conceptualized and developed Supplify. He is regarded as the platform’s “driving power.” His frequent conversations with experts in the field of supply chain technology are the source of this ambitious project. These insightful conversations led him to see a need in the market that was not being met. As a result, he created Supplify to connect start-ups, executives, mentors, and investors in this growing industry. The platform currently lists over 900 start-ups, +1000 executives, 300+ mentors, and 100+ investors, which continues to grow. This valuable resource provides users with a way to network and learn from each other to drive innovation in the field of supply chain technology.

Our scope is to reach companies in all parts of the world and contribute to the digital transformation, as a key factor to companies’ growth and expansion“, says Andrei Palamariu.

Companies can build their profile and keep them updated with the latest case studies. They can also get connected to clients and experts for critical support, search for potential partners, or just see how the competition is doing. Supplify offers market knowledge in the tech supply chain, a networking tool connecting companies with potential investors, and profitability as partner companies get noticed. 

Key data points provided to company partners include the company name, headquarters city, number of employees, and total funding received. The companies are also grouped into transport management systems, cargo visibility, planning and procurement, freight audit and payment, global trade management, freight forwarding software, automation, and others. This makes it easy for companies to align with the same industry or have complementary products or services. 

Every registered user on the platform will have access to create and use a free profile. This free profile is available to any eligible company that meets the criteria. For more advanced company profiles, there will be a cost associated with each type of profile. This cost will give users access to filters, data, and matching options that are not available with the free profile.

Radu Palamariu, Managing Director, Alcott Global says:

With this launch we reach another milestone to launch products or services that are adding to our core belief that we are a true connector bringing value to the Worldwide Supply Chain community with everything we do. I am extremely proud of my brother’s initiative and vision, as our skills complement to the benefit of this community that have on the top of the agenda the digitalization and finding out of the box ideas to bring processes improvements throughout the entire Supply Chain.”

About Alcott Global

Alcott Global provides Executive Search and Training solutions for the world’s top companies in eCommerce, supply chain, logistics, and tech in transportation with offices in Singapore and Switzerland. We focus our efforts at a global level, as we have projects for the US, LATAM, European, and Asian markets since our global clients have different challenges in each region. We aim to become the long-term partner for our clients in attracting, retaining, and developing supply chain and logistics talent. Our latest project, the launch of the Alcott

Global Supply Chain Academy or the Supplify platform ( are tools enabling us to be true to our vision of connecting the supply chain ecosystem and upgrading it.

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