“Recruiters are JERKS!” But are they really?

“Recruiters are JERKS!” But are they really? Featured Image

There is a big misconception when it comes to recruiters, that they are only there to serve one purpose and that is to place people into the roles they are working on. That might be true at one point but that isn’t the whole picture. If that is all that recruitment is for an executive search professional, it’s sad to say, but that someone is not a good recruiter.

A people-based industry- that is what recruitment is. The most significant foundation of the industry is the relationship built with clients, candidates, and other stakeholders. It is not only about having a relationship with the stakeholders during the placement or interview period, but it is also about building long-term relationships or partnerships with them. 

The industry had been in a lot of heat throughout the years, and like any industry, has a bad reputation among some people. They see recruiters as bad, dishonest people, and someone who lacks ethics. And the sad reality is that this statement has truth in it, but not for everyone. Sadly, there are plenty of recruiters who don’t care past their personal objective of making money. They are not into the long-term and don’t care so much about their candidates and just push CVs around.

Whilst it created a bad image for the whole industry, recruitment isn’t just about that. There are lots of GOOD Recruiters out there, who take care of their candidates and really put into consideration what is best for the role and their clients. The question now is, “What are the qualities of a good recruiter?”

A Good Recruiter is:

  • A partner to the client. Recruiters are an extension of the client’s HR department. They should know the industry and can make suggestions on how the company can develop. Hence, becoming a strategic advisor.
  • Somebody with excellent relationship skills.  They care about candidates and want to share relevant advice, regardless of whether they will place them or not. Somebody who builds relationships long term.
  • Someone with high ethics. They understand that confidentiality is critical and that they are impacting people’s lives, careers, and livelihoods.

Personally, our bread and butter is executive search and we can attest that there are plenty of amazing recruiters out there who have changed people’s lives for the better. 

Building long-term relationship is crucial in any business. It is where trust is formed and partnerships are created. Establishing one should always be one of the priorities a person has at any stage of their career. This is seen throughout the recruitment industry. The absence of it will dissuade people from trusting the process and will bring a bad reputation to the recruitment industry. But surely, a good recruiter understands the value of the relationships and partnerships they are building.  

What was your experience with executive search?




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Get the most appealing jobs in technology, supply chain & logistics space.

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Get the most appealing jobs in technology, supply chain & logistics space.