Supply Chain Academy Press Release

Alcott Global is excited to announce the October 2022 launch of its Supply Chain Academy, a revolutionary online learning platform catering to modern-day supply chain professionals’ continuous learning needs in a customized manner. 

There are so many career opportunities in the supply chain and logistics industries, and some leaders in the industry agree that it is where the industry’s competitive edge will be created. It has come to the point where if the “supply chain fails, the business crumbles”, as Radu Palamariu, Managing Director of Alcott Global stated in a panel discussion a few months ago “so it’s probably never been a better time to be a supply chain executive”. With the massive changes brought by the pandemic, there are arguments that in an interconnected world by global supply chains that are constantly affected by disruptions, the “Chief Operations Officers (COOs) and Chief Supply Chain Officers (CSCOs) are well positioned to become great CEOs.” – Forbes | Why Operations And Supply Chain Leaders Would Make Great CEOs

The Academy provides high-impact learning modules designed and taught by current supply chain business leaders and university professors. With this launch, Alcott Global continues its commitment to investing in and supporting the supply chain community through upskilling.

We offer two ways of working with companies, providing access to our online courses or working together on a personalized and dedicated training course catering to the specific needs of the company’s employees. When opting for the online courses, there are two packages we offer: 

  • The Basic Package – offers access to the entire online course library and additional learning tools. 
  • The Premium package – offers quarterly networking opportunities and a live Q&A monthly session with other professionals. The mobile application feature of the premium package will soon be released, providing an enhanced learning experience for users. It connects to an exclusive community of regional and global senior leaders while providing access to exclusive content, expert insights, and networking opportunities. 

An option of a 3-hour assessment is available at an additional cost. This assessment is customized for each job profile and the corresponding competencies, including the level of seniority. It is benchmarked against thousands of employees from the industry, with the possibility of an organization-wide competency rating to identify any significant gaps from the industry standard. 

The Academy also provides a platform for evaluating and certifying an individual’s succession planning and career mapping skills. The goal is to create a more effective leadership succession within an organization. It validates an individual’s skills and commitment to this important process by providing certificates.

“The feedback received in all interactions with over 10,000 Supply Chain Executives in our events, podcasts, community, and executive search interactions have shown clearly: there is a BIG need for lifelong learning tailored to the Supply Chain reality,”

said Radu Palamariu, Managing Director, Alcott Global.

Supply Chain Academy personalized training programs are delivered in a holistic approach, customized to fit the specific needs of each company. By mapping relevant competencies and conducting a thorough assessment, we can design an upskilling program that is innovative and modern. 

Shub Faudjar, Global Head of Training and Development at Alcott Global, states that,

“Launching the Academy is a great achievement and strongly linked with our company’s vision to connect the Supply Chain Ecosystem and Upgrade it. The learning modules we offer are designed and taught by current supply chain business leaders and university professors, addressing our constant priority to bring value and professional services to our partners, supporting them in developing their employees. Professional training is needed more than ever in this competitive market context that is constantly challenging us to think about new programs that would benefit the business environment at large.” 

The Academy was born as an extension of Alcott Global’s partnership with its clients and as a catalyst for sharing the latest tools and knowledge of great importance to the teams operating in the Supply Chain. Many companies, such as Maersk, Nestle, FedEx, Agilent Technologies, Zoetis, and Workforce Singapore, have chosen Alcott Global to design specific training programs for their global teams. Alcott’s state-of-the-art methodology consistently produces outstanding results for our clients by preparing their teams to be at the cutting edge of Supply Chain management. 

The feedback we received after one of our 3-week customized training programs with curated learning paths confirms that training designed and taught by current supply chain business leaders and forward-thinking university professors creates the ideal environment for engaged learning and real-world applications.

“The speaker has wide knowledge about E-commerce and gave proper examples and very updated information relating to the current market situation. This is the best session I have joined for learning.”

“We need more of these similar sessions!” Super awesome! Filled with a ton of new information!” 

“The professor brought us this macro-overview of the logistics market, with his personal touch, interesting and insightful. Thank you.”

“Very knowledgeable and practical sharing which uses live cases and relevant companies.”

“The topic was super interesting and the points discussed were up to date. The speaker was also very engaging. I like it.”


About Alcott Global

Alcott Global provides Executive Search and Training solutions for the world’s top companies in eCommerce, supply chain, logistics, and tech in transportation with offices in Singapore and Switzerland. We focus our efforts at a global level, as we have projects for US, LATAM, European and Asian markets, since our global clients have different challenges in each region. We aim to become the long-term partner for our clients in attracting, retaining, and developing supply chain and logistics talent. Our latest projects, the launch of the Alcott Global Supply Chain Academy or the Supplify platform ( are tools enabling us to be true to our vision of connecting the Supply Chain Ecosystem and Upgrading it.

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