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About Lalit Das:

Lalit Das is a Founder and CEO of SS Supply Chain Solutions Pvt Ltd (3SC).  He worked in the various segments of the Supply Chain Domain and Manufacturing & Services Sector in Supply Chain Functions.

He founded 3SC in 2012, the firm holds strong expertise in Predictive, Prescriptive and Descriptive analytics combined with collaborative and consultative approach.  3SC orchestrates organizations to streamline the entire supply chain and create value for customers in order to gain competitive advantage.

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Some of the highlights from the podcast:

  • Lalit’s career journey and how 3SC started
  • Forecast accuracy and using machine learning and neural network algorithms
  • Different products by 3SC and product integration lead time
  • How 3SC is helping their clients in terms of sustainability
  • Demand planning and challenges in data forecasting
  • Advice to people starting their career and company culture

Show notes:

  • [00:51] How did the business start? How did you end up starting 3SC? Maybe a little bit of your background.
  • [03:57] Primarily, the 3SC always stands for Sustainability, Science-driven solutions, and Scalability.
  • [04:17] When you started, how much tech was involved? Was it really tech involved or is it just an excel-based solution back then?
  • [09:22] How long does the integration of the service takes before the customers see the result? What’s the lead time?
  • [12:39] We are trying to solve the network optimization, inventory optimizations, packaging optimizations, and route optimization.
  • [18:03] Also the company you mentioned, where you’re helping them end to end, when do they become carbon neutral because they look they’re quite big to go carbon neutral by 2030, right?
  • [20:54] On the demand curve, what industry have you been seeing mostly using it right now?
  • [22:10] But in the journey, if you look at a five-year horizon, the number of SKUs added year-on-year is 288% and they just contribute only 1% of their revenue.
  • [23:44] For the well-known markets, are you still able to give them forecast accuracy? 
  • [25:43] If you’re really focusing on sustainability, the cost is also going to reduce to a certain extent, except if you’re going to invest a lot in the infrastructure.
  • [27:55] How much manpower is needed to kind of get the data structured for things to be collected? 
  • [33:15] How are you kind of calculating the pre-code and postcode?
  • [36:46] If a company basically wants to implement IBP and they’re heavily excel-based and never worked on SAP APO, how long does it take to get your product in their business?
  • [39:17] The youngsters who have finished their education now have one of two choices: go into a startup or work with a corporate. What would you suggest? Where should they be going?
  • [41:33] Within 3SC, what are the soft skills you look for when hiring professionals at any level?
  • [43:32] Is there a defined culture within the company?

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Get the most appealing jobs in technology, supply chain & logistics space.


Get the most appealing jobs in technology, supply chain & logistics space.


Get the most appealing jobs in technology, supply chain & logistics space.