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Jonathan Savoir is the CEO and Co-founder of Quincus. Jonathan grew up in Belgium and Luxembourg and attended colleges in London and in the USA. In college, he studied engineering and economics. Upon completing his Master’s Degree at 20, he pursued his Ph.D. and decided to drop out at 21 to make some global investments and build startups. In 2014 he founded Quincus with his co-founder.

Quincus Execution and Intelligence platforms allow ground providers, port operators, and airlines to adapt and optimize their operations to efficiently execute their logistics inflows and outflows. Quincus’ platforms and open APIs are fundamentally underpinned by its state-of-the-art artificially intelligent supply chain optimization and geo-mapping to allow for real-time data, visibility, and operation in hypercomplex regions.

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Connect with the Guest:

Jonathan Savoir: LinkedIn

Some of the highlights from the podcast:

  • [01:47] Creation story of Quincus; becoming an operating system for logistics 
  • [05:54] How Quincus is different and focuses on data accuracy 
  • [08:18] Quincus’ product implementation and training 
  • [10:25] Trends seen in the industry with the disruptions happening globally 
  • [13:12] Getting diverse teams to work together 
  • [18:10] What keeps Jonathan up at night and excites him in the morning

Show notes:

  • [00:57] You have a very interesting backstory, so tell us a bit about that. And how did it all end up with creating Quincus?
  • [03:36] What would you say would be Quincus’ big next milestone? How do you see that?
  • [05:11] What’s your angle when it comes to visibility? How are you different from the other players who are trying to solve similar issues?
  • [06:06] Can you tell us a bit more about a specific client who has seen some excellent results after they improve their supply chain with your solution? 
  • [08:05] Bigger companies and bigger solutions usually need bigger time for implementation and training. How does that work for Quincus?
  • [10:00] Have you seen any trends in clients coming to you for different types of solutions to different types of problems caused by everything that’s happening globally?
  • [13:04] How do you define good company culture? How is this transitioning to what’s happening with the Quincus’ culture?
  • [15:13] How do you interview and recruit for your leadership team?
  • [18:00] What keeps you up at night when connecting or thinking about the future of Quintus? And what gets you up in the morning full of energy? 
  • [19:20] Ten years down the line, where do you see Quincus growing or becoming? What’s your vision?

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Quotes from the Episode:




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Get the most appealing jobs in technology, supply chain & logistics space.

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Get the most appealing jobs in technology, supply chain & logistics space.