#142: Sustainability and Innovation: Bugaboo’s Supply Chain Story

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David is the COO of Bugaboo since 2019. He brings along over 20 years of experience from consumer goods and juvenile industries like LEGO or Procter & Gamble. He has designed and led major strategic supply chain transformations. His curiosity and passion for resolving complex operational challenges brought him to multiple countries and continents.

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Connect with the Guest:

David Prchala: LinkedIn

Some of the highlights from the podcast:

  • David’s exposure to diverse cultures enhances his supply chain career
  • Bugaboo’s sustainable approach sets it apart from other strollers
  • Bugaboo’s funding evolution drives revolution
  • Supply chain as a business partner in innovation
  • Achieving sustainability through end-to-end supply chain

Show notes:

  • [00:59] I heard that you are going to China. Tell us about your trip.
  • [02:31] What are your current responsibilities at Bugaboo? And how did you make your career from consulting to where you are today? 
  • [04:22] I realized that operations and supply chain have been a fantastic functions. An incredible breadth of opportunities where you can continuously keep growing and learn new things and at the same time try new roles while still staying true to your function and discoverability.
  • [06:26] LEGO, P&G, and Bugaboo have been heavily purpose and value-driven based companies that I could associate myself with. I knew the power and the force for good that these companies are trying to do for the world.  
  • [07:57] What makes Bugaboo so unique compared to others on the market?
  • [09:01] Could you tell us a little bit about the history of the company? 
  • [11:34] We would like to expand more into the juvenile categories and make it a true global leader in the juvenile categories and products. And since 2018, we’ve been creating a really strong juvenile leader and not only from the expansion of the product side but also expanding Omnichannel.
  • [12:30] How has the change upon banking acquisition been received and upheld?
  • [13:25] Of course, some people fit with the vision and there’s a part of the organization that doesn’t associate themselves with those changes. So it’s tough to decide who will remain on the bus to drive the business forward. 
  • [18:43] How has your team in operations and supply chain adapted to accommodate this growth and expand the product line? Share also some challenges you face and how you overcome that.
  • [23:05] I am proud of our strict, staged process with a clear gating system and a steering group to govern each product’s value proposition and align key parameters in the supply chain.
  • [24:43] I quickly realized that we need to look into our capabilities with the sourcing team. We need to look into our capabilities in forecasting new launches and aligning the handshake expectations between the product teams and the operation teams of what is going to be delivered.
  • [26:24] How do you continue to innovate and stay ahead of the competition? And can you share some exciting new product development and initiative that Bugaboo is working on?
  • [29:56] We continue innovating on the material and technological side, especially toward sustainability. Many of our strollers have been already launched with biobased plastics for instance.
  • [31:26] How do you work with your suppliers and manufacturing partners to ensure sustainability and environmental responsibility?
  • [35:35] How is the supply chain function, which you’re leading, perceived within Bugaboo?
  • [38:12] What are the challenges on the people’s side? What are the key qualities and skills you’re looking for?

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About the Host:

The host, Fei Yu has over 15+ years of experience in Executive Search and Talent Acquisition & Management, gained from top-tier consultancy and premium executive search firms. She is an advocate of cross-cultural networking and has successfully organized and moderated public events.

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