Cold Chain 2021
February 4, 2021
Global Access and Distribution - Covid-19 Vaccine









Overcoming the Cold Chain Challenges of COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Through real-time visibility and data, we gain more comprehensive insights into business and supply chain operations to increase efficiencies, save costs, improve customer-centricity, and improve patient safety.

Controlant technology is able to:

  • Connect different teams from the manufacturer internally and also external teams such as carriers, government stakeholders, and health clinics. 
  • Offer real-time shipment data, escalation alerts that can be pushed to relevant parties in the supply chain, as needed. 
  • Generate analytics: descriptive, predictive, prescriptive.
  • Aggregate KPIs, trends analysis, and recommended actions
Real-time Visibility for the Global Cold Chain

Globe Tracker produces IoT technologies for refrigerated containers and maritime, logistics, and cold storage.

Presenting today, cold chain monitoring solutions, new technologies that Globe Tracker introduced to help with COVID-19 vaccine distribution, globally.

Don Miller

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
Globe Tracker

Step Toward “HOPE”

Aramex logistics solution (case study: focus on Africa) making sure that we can bring COVID-19 vaccines to all the countries in need

  • Visibility tools and partnership networks to ensure that the integrity of the vaccines is not compromised
  • Support local small business in ensuring that local and global regulations and compliance standards are being met
  • Blockchain solution
  • Control towers for delivery and return

Suzandi Viljoen

Global Head Healthcare

B Medical Systems’ COVID-19 Response Portfolio

B Medical Systems solutions for storage, transportation, and reliable traceability around the world, of the vaccines, to bring them from the manufacturer to the population in the best conditions possible.

Empowering In-Transit Visibility

Tive offers in-transit data visibility and insights for cold chain innovators around the globe, to support the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines

  • Visualization and monitoring: location, temperature, and security
  • Shipment analysis: scorecards, KPIs
  • Real-time actionable alerts
  • Cloud-based record keeping
  • Non-lithium sensors’ batteries
Real-time Supply Chain Visibility Solution for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Roambee is a real-time supply chain visibility solution for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution.

monitoring solution allowing real-time assessment, using cloud analytics and machine learning, to recognize bottlenecks and make recommendations to optimize the process.

  • Sensors to capture data
  • Analytics
  • Signals and recommendations for optimization
How Integrated and Digital Supply Chain Solutions Help to Mitigate Risk in the Last-mile COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery

Tec4Med is a system integrator of the next generation of Pharma Supply Chain Solutions dedicated to Pharma only.

  • Passive shipping systems in different sizes, temperatures, runtime, single-use, and multi-use options 
  • Active smart cooling solution self-regulating temperature, maintaining compliance with the cold chain requirements at the push of the button. 
  • Variety of next-generation real-time tracking and monitoring devices 
  • Smart data loggers 
  • Live logistics dashboard – the tech for cloud including shipment, fleet, and warehouse managers, third-party device integration, white label functionality, and automated updates


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