Parcel Monitor: Top E-Commerce Retailers in Asia-Pacific 2022

Parcel Monitor: Top E-Commerce Retailers in Asia-Pacific 2022 Featured Image

(Image Source: Parcel Monitor)

Asia-Pacific’s e-commerce landscape in 2020 and 2021 was unprecedented, to say the least as the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged some retail categories while bringing benefits to others. As of today, the APAC region is home to one of the largest e-commerce markets in the world despite the decline of the overall retailing industry in recent years. 

Against this backdrop, our media partner Parcel Monitor, has compiled a list of the top e-commerce retailers in APAC that are making waves in the industry. The report not only profiles the key players in the market but also discusses the major e-commerce strategies adopted by them to stay competitive in this day and age.

According to EuroMonitor International, China‘s Alibaba Group is the clear frontrunner, with a net income of 47 million yuan. The company has been aggressively expanding its reach into new markets, and is now a key e-commerce player in Southeast Asia and beyond. In second place is Japan’s AEON Group, followed by, FamilyMart Uny Holdings and Amazon.

These top players are expected to continue dominating the e-commerce space in the years to come, thanks to their expansive product offerings, global reach and customer-centric strategies. So if you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve in the e-commerce world, be sure to keep an eye on these names.

Check out the full article here to see which other retailers made the list!

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Parcel Monitor offers free parcel tracking across 900+ carriers globally on a single platform. Leveraging on our data and technology, we capture consumer trends, provide market visibility and derive industry insights while fostering collaboration across the entire e-commerce industry. 




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