Navigating the Top Pain Points of Parcel Deliveries in Asia

Navigating the Top Pain Points of Parcel Deliveries in Asia Featured Image

(Image Source: Parcel Monitor)

E-commerce is a crucial aspect of the retail industry, and it has been experiencing significant growth in Asia over the past few years. Having said that, there are several pain points that both customers and retailers face when it comes to parcel deliveries in the region. In an article done in collaboration with Rakuten Insight, our media partner Parcel Monitor discussed the top pain points of parcel deliveries in Asia while also addressing some best-performing strategies for navigating them.

For starters, the absence of accurate product information is considered the biggest obstacle in online shopping by 68% of customers in Indonesia. Similarly, 64% of respondents from Vietnam and 62% of them from Thailand and Taiwan share the same sentiment. The same survey revealed that customer support is the second most crucial concern amongst Asian e-commerce buyers, as an average of 35% of participants identified inadequate customer service as their top pain point.

When it comes to the estimated delivery date (EDD) of parcels, most Asian e-commerce buyers view them as a crucial factor in their online purchasing decisions. On average, 62% of Asian participants deem it essential to have information on when to expect their parcels. The majority of respondents from the Philippines and Indonesia – over 80% – share this opinion. In contrast, Japan has the lowest percentage, with only 36% of consumers valuing this aspect.

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